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Disposable bone marrow puncture series
Combined Spinal & Epidural Needle
Combined Spinal & Epidural Needle
Model: AN-E/SII
Specification: 0.4-0.7(27-22G)、1.2-1.8(18G-15G)
Customization: Special size can be customized
Application Dept.: Department of anesthesiology, obstetrics and gynecology, anorectal surgery, orthopedics, pain treatment, general surgery, etc.

Blending the advantages of both pencil point spinal needle and epidural needle, featuring the excellence of exact effect, significant muscle relaxing effect, small amount of anesthetic for local anaesthesia and no PDPH on the whole.

Capable of performing epidural anaesthesia following spinal anaesthesia or postoperative pain ease as per clinical requirements.

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